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tv   WISN 12 News This Morning  ABC  October 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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>> this is sa live look from the radar. the storms is swirling off the coast. the damage left behind is on the screen. >> two million people have been told to leave their homes ahead of the hurricane. for the latest on the intensity we are going to sally severson. some of the worst is impacting the space coast, that melbourne florida and heavy rain in orlando and disney world a closed and all of the theme parks. we are looking at the dopplar 12 radar network and the eye wall is remaining off the coast of florida. it is running parallel to the coast of florida. for a landfall, half of the eye wall needs to be over the land. it is continuing to the north
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and beginning to flirt with the georgia and south carolina coast. it is going to sheer out tonight and weaken. down to a 2 after the coast of georgia happening tomorrow in the predawn hours. still going to be a big rain maker for the coastal areas of georgia and the carolinas. ten up to 15 inches of rain is possible. hurricane watches and warning s are covering the we have a category 2 nicole out there too. for us, we have a warm start. patchy rain and the temperatures this morning in the 60s. the temperatures fall throughout the day. we clear out, winds and 50 in the afternoon. >> right now. it is a waiting game in florida. >> millions are in the storm's path in florida and up through
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look at the rain flooding the streets there. the winds are dying down just a little bit. our nikole killion is in washington where the federal officials are keeping a close eye on the storm. >> obama has declared a state of emergency in florida, south carolina and georgia. this morning as matthew roared ashore in florida, it brought torrential rains and punishing winds ahead of the storm. a the governor of florida urged residents to move to safer ground. >> our number one priority is protecting every life in this state. >> more than two million people were ordered to evacuate along the southeast coast from florida to the carolinas. >> i am begging you at this point to understand the seriousness of this storm. >> president obama also tweeted out a warning and called the governors of the affected
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from president obama. >> the president directed fema to be at the ready. >> we are leaning forward as much as we can right now to make sure that the survivors on the ground that will need any potential help from states or fema will have what they need. and that help will be needed as the national weather service cautioned the impacts from matthew could lead to some locations being uninhabitable for weeks or months. in washington, i'm nikole killion. >> strong winds and storm surges are the most dangerous to the families in florida this morning. tim? >> i'm following the national hurricane center on twitter in the news room this morning and this is the twitter account. they have tweeted out updates. a position update on the storm. now, late yesterday, they
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not impacting this area for 118 years since october 2, 1898. now check this out. this is new video from the national administration. it is a plane flying through the eye of the hurricane matthew. this is a category 4 storm at the time. the government has planes to fly through the storms to monitor the conditions in the air and on the ground. we are trackinghe outages in florida. we are expecting a lot without power and waking up the dark this morning. this is a look at the map. all of south florida about 300,000 homes and businesses are in the dark. reporting live in the news room. >> tim, thank you. >> hurricane matthew is causing problems for travellers across the country. thousands of flights are cancelled. including some in milwaukee.
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mitchell international. mike? >> we are watching the flight boards. two flights that were scheduled to fly out to orlando have been cancelled. involving florida. thu about what is happening in chicago. nearly 4,000 flights are cancelled today and tomorrow out of chicago. most of the cancellations for flights in and out of the states in the southeast, like florida, georgia and the carolinas. again, a handful of cancellations affecting milwaukee. we look at the arrivals. flights that were scheduled to
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been cancelled. be sure to check ahead online or if you are headed to the airport, check ahead before you take any action. reporting live, mike anderson "wisn 12 news this morning." >> happening now, dozens of red cross volunteers from wisconsin are heading south to help after the hurricane. some of them are already there, others will leave today. ni milwaukee. later this morning, some of them will load up a truck with supplies at the red cross building on wisconsin avenue and head out. the local volunteers are expecting to stay and help for at least two weeks. thanks to those volunteering and headed to the south. >> 6:06. here at home, a little rain out there.
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quite a streak. staying with the 60s? >> for the most part. we are cooling throughout the day today, breezy west winds. then what we are talking are temperatures that will fall back to the 50s today. but recovering nicely into the 60s. a quick glance with the hurricane at this hour. we are watching the storm as moving to georgia and the carolinas. the hurricane watches and warnings are remaining and tough travel over much of the southeast. here in the mid section of the nation, clouds and showers for us. rainfall is light overall. 66 at the airport. the winds are out of the southwest. the southwest breeze holds the temperatures in the 60s for just a short while longer and 40s and 50s to the west and it is headed our way. in fact, our temperatures are going to fall. the morning showers will come to
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going to pick up and the temperatures are falling into the 50s this afternoon and lows in the 40s. if you are headed out to operation football, breezy and cool. it is dry. layer up. matt will want the layers while flying today. matt? >> right now we are looking down at the bypass, stop and go pushing into the construction zone. do expect brake lights and wet pavement headed to 894 northbound. construction area. 6 minutes 894 northbound from the hale up to the zoo. looking at 10 minutes 94 east bound from moreland into downtown. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. autopsy performed today on a woman's body that was found in a laundry shoot. the police were called to a home.
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by her sister. investigators are looking into the death as a homicide. >> the body cameras videos are being demanded to be released. the commission is revalue waiting the public comments and deciding whether a topic needs to be added to a future >> happening now, the families in haiti are receiving much needed food and water from the u.n. after hit by hurricane matthew. the death toll is 283 people. tim is here with new information. tim. >> officials expect the death toll rising in the coming days.
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the international red cross is seeking nearly $7 million in donations to help the people in haiti. the people are digging out there. that area was hit the hardest with many of the homes being washed out, some headed out to sea even. trucks with food, water and medicine and supplies are ie arriving to haiti. we have had a lot of reports flooding across the bahamas, but there. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> hurricane matthew weakened to a cat 3 storm overnight. >> that doesn't mean it is not dangerous or powerful. this is video of the impacts of the storm.
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>> what i wanted to show you is rain sounds gets loud, oh, my goodness, my hat is about to fly off too. >> she's getting blown around out there. >> those were the conditions overnight in jupiter florida. that is located in west palm beach county. the reporter from si station wpbf nearly blown off her feet from the wind. you can see it pushed the rain sideways. overnight the storm weakened to a category three storm as it moved closer to florida. winds of 120 miles per hour were reported just off shore. it is getting closer and closer to landfall and creeping up. >> that is right, we have to have half of the eye wall to
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land fall. they have had sustained winds 100-107 miles along the space coast. the largest areas of the heavy rains and the thunderstorms pivoting just to the north of the eye wall itself and to the north of the wall, we are looking at showers and thunderstorms, they are quite strong. the tornado threat is minimal with all of this. this is the category 3 becoming a category 2 storm in the next 24 hours and big rains are in place for georgia and the carolinas throughout the weekend. ben? >> we have update on the emergency shelters for families in central florida? >> yes, the authorities are tweeting out a list. high schools here, middle schools as well a lot of them
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some are open for the families trying to escape the high winds and the high water. a curfew for orange county and people are told to stay off the roads. now we want to show you a seen in west palm beach, florida, the strong winds ripping oun the signs and palm trees as well. also a big concern the storm surge. it is expected to be 6-10 feet or more. while florida is being battered, the georgia coastline is next. many of the families on st. simon's island boarded up and left town. the coastal islands are under a mandatory evacuation and
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happening. over night the georgia governor called up 320 national guard troops to help with all the people leaving that coastal area of georgia. here is the tweet from the governor there. he's adding more 300 national guard members to help out. we are monitoring for the new developments. now back to you in the news room. >> thank you, 6:17. turning to traffic watch. getting out the door this morn friday morning and matt is watching the commute. matt. >> we are coming up from the south side into downtown. wet pavement, but moving well from the airport into the marquette interchange. travel times a little delay along the bypass.
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northbound from the hale up to the zoo. otherwise it is quiet. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> the packers are back in action this weekend. for the third straight game, cornerback sam shields has been ruled out. clay matthews is expected to be back in the line up. he missed the packers home opener against the line up. the packers host the new york giants on sunday night. hosted the giants at lambeau field was back in january of 2012 when the packers lost in the nfc divisional playoffs. sorry to bring that up. too soon. kickoff sunday is at 7:30. >> and later today, a tradition for fans of marquette basketball. it's marquette madness where fans will get a look at this year's men's and women's teams. this is video of last year's event. there will be scrimmages and a dunk contents.
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o'clock tonight at the al mcguire center. >> wisn 12 news time is 6:19. melinda and i were up late last night all for a good cause. >> wisn 12 is a big part of the go red for women movement. yesterday we helped emcee and kick off the red dress dash at cathedral square. its an untimed run and walk around the park. there. it's all meant to raise awareness for heart disease, which is the number one killer of american women. there were a couple of contests for best dressed dog, and also best dressed man in a dress! a lot of contenders out there. >> i lost for the selfie in that one. >> we tweeted it out. >> there was a man in a dress. >> yes, several. >> good for them. that takes a lot of courage.
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they have got it. >> a little drizzly? >> yes. and light rain is in the forecast for us this morning. it is ahead of a cool front and it is that the game changer today. the early morning temperatures, it is a spring rain out there. showers are already diminishing for us. we have high pressure that is over colorado, beginning to build in for the low pressure is exiting and between the two we have a breeze. it is bringing in the cooler air. 42 in minneapolis. 30s in place across the dakotas. we are not dropping do to 30s. the temperatures will be falling from the morning readings into the upper 50s by lunchtime. the cool front is coming through this morning. the winds shift up from the west. we see the clouds through the
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air is coming in for us. we have the sunshine in the afternoon. breezy winds. the winds die down overnight. the high pressure is influencing the weather. west wind 8-16 miles per hour. today we are mild. we fall into the 50s. mid 50 dz by late afternoon. 42 tonight. fair monday close to 70 degrees. the trend then next week generally dry with a nice stretch of october weather in
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time to have meteorologist jeremy nelson stop by to say hello. >> wisn 12 news time is 6:24. we made it to friday! >> here with their weekend picks are wes and elizabeth from 99.1 the mix. good morning, guys. >> good morning. we are talking about saur >> an eating contest. i can think of a lot of food eating contests. >> i'm german, i will do it. i wrestled in saurkraut. yes, in college, i'm serious. >> what happens in vegas should stay in vegas. >> no. >> did you smell terrible after that? >> yes.
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after that. >> it is a great probiotic. >> so have fun this weekend, back to you guys. those are the weekend picks. >> i have so many questions. >> well, what are you going to do. >> all right, time now is 6:26. we are continuing to track hurricane matthew. >> we have a live look at jacksonville beach t high surf, the palm trees are whipping ou we are checking in on the damage coming up next. stick with us, we have you covered on "wisn 12 news this
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>> right now on "wisn 12 news this morning," we are on weather watch as hurricane matthew barrels down on florida. a state of emergency is in effect across most of the southeast. we have live team coverage of the storm as it makes its way up the coast. good morning and welcome to "wisn 12 news this morning." i'm melinda davenport. >> and i'm ben wagner. our top story this morning is hurricane matthew. we're in the weather center with meteorologist sally severson.
6:30 am
up to jacksonville. >> yes, it is tracking up and going to georgia and moving to the carolinas this is in the next 36 hours or so. it has weakened to a category 3 storm. i am going to pause the radar and you are seeing that the storm right now is just due east of cape canaveral and thece coast. now, things are shaping up like this, remaining a category 3, probably weakening some throughout the day. as it is moving up, the storm is beginning to sheer out. it is encountering dryer air. now it is going to be a very big rain maker for coastal georgia and the carolinas.
6:31 am
and watches. now here at home, we have a warm start. the temperatures in the 60s. if you are out throughout the day, grab a fleece for later. >> millions of people evacuated from florida's coast in recent days. >> others are hunkering down as the storm moves in. matthew weakened to a category three storm overnight. but there are still powerful winds and storm surges. this is daytona beach this morning. the waves are crashing into the beach there. again that is daytona. let's check in with abc news' lauren lyster in volusia county, florida. >> hurricane matthew barreling towards florida the brutal conditions intensifying as the eye of the storm taunts coastal cities. overnight, violent winds along the beaches, gusts clocking in
6:32 am
places. the storm bringing the look and sound of fireworks in the form of downed power lines, thousands facing outages, officials fearing up to three million may end up in the dark. the national weather service saying matthew will be devastating. florida's governor making this dire warning. >> unfortunately this is going to kill people. >> already it has, matthew taking the lives of more than a 100 people as it swept through haiti. the death toll there skyrocketing as the floodwaters recede and matthew battering the bahamas before heading for florida. residents thursday preparing, filling up those final sandbags, stores are boarded up, their shelves bare. more then three million people urged to evacuate here and in the carolinas. some refusing to go, but many getting out clogging the highways for miles while nearly 4,000 flights have been
6:33 am
a big concern here, the storm surge, in this area it's expected to be 6 to 10 feet or more. residents fearful this waterway could rise. the dock is submerged. in new smyrna beach, i'm lauren lyster abc news. >> all morning long we'll be checking in with reporters across florida. now the martin county. >> hurricane matthew may have just skirted by martin county, but he left winds, winds are continuing to pick up in martin county, we are near the jefferson bridge, debris, fallen trees and limbs, no serious injuries. there is a dock here, it is almost under the water. getting back to the winds, we are told nearly 40,000 families here in martin county without
6:34 am
we also saw no one on the highway, which is good news. everyone heeded the word and staying indoors. the rescue crews will be assessing the area and looking for damage. >> right now we're learning more about the damage done overnight by hurricane matthew. wisn 12 news tim elliott is tracking the latest in the newsroom. tim. >> florida governor rick scott has been active on twitter overnight warning people about situations. here's a look at some of the damage that's already been done by the massive storm. this billboard was ripped off of its frame and started blowing in the wind. street signs have been badly damaged too, some are barely hanging on to poles in daytona beach.
6:35 am
the state. this downed powerline hit a tree and started sparking in south palm beach just a few feet from a road. back to you. >> tim, thank you. >> hurricane matthew is causing problems for travelers across the country. >> around 4,000 flights are canceled today, including some in milwaukee and chicago. mike anderson is live at mitchell international with the latest. good morning, mike. >> good morning, ben. five flights are cancelled right now. three of them there, all flights coming in from orlando today are cancelled. if you think we are having issues here, look at chicago. nearly 4,000 flights are cancelled today and tomorrow out of chicago.
6:36 am
flighting in and out of states in the southeast, like florida, georgia and the carolinas. again, a hand full of cancellations impacting the travellers here. all of these flights scheduled to go to orlando from milwaukee those have been cancelled today. if you are headed out to the airport, it is a good idea to check ahead. if you are from those areas it is a good idea to check ahead. >> mike, thank you. now to traffic watch 12. good morning, matt. >> good morning, melinda. we are over 894, the mitchell interchange and i-94 and skies are starting to clear up. the roads are drying off as well prosecute the overnight rain.
6:37 am
bypass. a little brake tapping northbound. no delays. it is heavy on the bypass northbound from the hale up to the zoo interchange. 8 minutes through that stretch. 94 eastbound starting to get busy from moreland into downtown. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. hurricane matthew weakened to a category thr >> but that's still dangerously powerful. here's a live look outside as we go to break. this is daytona beach. the water is getting closer and closer to the camera as the storm is getting closer and closer to landfall. sally will be tracking the storm coming up. along with the local forecast.
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6:40 am
>> a cold front is passing through and the winds are shifting prosecute the south to come up from the west and ushering in the cooler air. with the cool front and showers are in place. 66 at this hour.
6:41 am
tumbling throughout the day. the morning readings with showers and falling in the 50s this afternoon. we see lows tonight in the low 40s. something fun, we are going to clear out tonight, this month and the next the meteor showers. later up and go out and wish on a falling star. matt? >> sally, we are looking down at a disabled vehicle on the reiched shoulder. heads up if you are using that national onramp. otherwise, we are quiet. 12 minutes eastbound into downtown. 9 minutes on the bypass northbound. typical stuff for this time of the morning. that's a look at the morning
6:42 am
>> new this morning, while hurricane matthew slams the south parts of the midwest have had severe weather too. >> one tornado was caught on camera in kansas. a man recorded the massive funnel cloud on camera near kipp, kansas last night. that's a very small town in central kansas. there were other reports of tornadoes in eastern kansas, along with flood warnings. >> a fight between brothers turns into a crime when one man takes it too far. >> it all happened at a construction site in new hampshire. police say stanley emanuel was inside a crane when his brother peter fired up a front-end loader and came straight for him. the front-end loader crashed into the crane which tipped over. police say peter emanuel nearly crashed into a police cruiser, too. officials say this could have turned out much worse. >> 6:42.
6:43 am
matthew as it is hitting the florida coast. we are looking from the south. you are seeing the waves. we are looking at daytona beach. we are on weatherwatch 12 as we continue the newscast.
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>> good morning. 6:46. looking at 94 eastbound, westbound. holly road is under the freeway. a little brake tapping westbound and starting around 84th street. and we have 9 minutes northbound from the hale up to the zoo. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> matt, thank you. 6:46. we are continuing to be on weatherwatch 12 and following the track and pact of hurricane matthew. and sal, you have been watching
6:47 am
closer. you can see that the eye is looking more ragged. it is going through a replacement. the hurricane typically weakens. the winds are gusting up to 107 at cape canaveral at this hour. here at a look at the satellite and also a strength map, you are seeing that matthew is remaining a hurricane 3 throughout the today. a cat 3 storm beginning to diminish. it encounters the dry air and sheering out. still very big rains in place. the hurricane watches and warnings in place up to the carolinas. >> we are keeping an eye on the damage. we are going to tim with the latest reports. tim?
6:48 am
widespread power outages and some serious damage. let's go ahead and take a live look from the southeast this morning. the rough seas there and the water is churning along the coastline there. now let's pull up some video from overnight. this was the scene early this morning in vero beach, florida. heavy rain hit the area ahead of hurricane matthew's arrival. and a driver ran into trouble in jacksonville last night. the driver got stuck in a ditch full of water. you are seeing people in the area banded together to help the driver get free. those are a few of the videos coming in. we are going to see a lot more on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> before hurricane matthew got to florida it hit the caribbean hard. this is haiti overnight.
6:49 am
people. officials warm that the number will be rising as the crews arriving to remote parts of the country. some access is cut off to rescuers because of the flooding and destruction. people in haiti still recovering from the 2010 earthquake. so a lot of people living in the makeshift houses there. >> infrastructure there. the winds associated with matthew, it is churning and here is a look. nicole is in the tropical atlantic as well. early today and here at home. take a look at the temperature z. 68 degrees.
6:50 am
degrees in the last half hour. 56 there. we don't hang on to the 60s. very sharp cold front coming through. high pressure begins to build in. between the two, a blustery west wind and ushering in a cooler and dryer air mass. the 40s to the west. it is 42 at this hour in minneapolis. 30s across the dakotas. we look at the temperatures falling into the 50s. operation football, layer up. it will be chilly. the temperatures fall from the 50s into the 40s. a couple of showers lingering for us. that action is moving off quickly. we are clearing out in the afternoon and cooler and dryer air mass in place. plenty in the way of sunshine.
6:51 am
the fleece. we are on the way to really pleasant october weather. it is a nice stretch of weather settling in on sunday. 64 today. we are back in the 50s this afternoon. west winds. 42 tonight. 60s sunday. 70 monday. temperatures are holding 60s and 70s for much of the next week ben? >> we return to hurricane matthew. >> here on the east coast of central florida we are under an extreme wind warning. that means hurricane force wind gusts throughout the area. you are seeing the winds are just really kicking up here. some 90-mile-per-hour wind gusts reported in some of the areas. it is employeeing in opposite
6:52 am
middle of the storm. the winds are starting to shift and come at us from the south. again, we are only half way through hurricane matthew. the rain is drenching and off on and on, but it is nonstop for the next couple of hours. there will be isolated flash flooding in the area. it is continuing to be a problem it is the storm the turning to right now, the power is on as you can see there with the light pole, but there are some reported 300,000 outages in florida, a hundred thousand people without power in this county alone. and many more people are going to wake up and realize they don't have power. >> "good morning america" has the coverage of hurricane matthew with live reports from across florida, georgia and
6:53 am
"g.m.a." is at 7:00. >> now to traffic watch and matt is watching the morning commute. good morning, matt. >> good morning. we have the news from the folks using the greenfield exist, they are gearing up for a lane shift. that occurs tomorrow morning. you have to have blue monday or lincoln. if you are heade busy spot. 9 minutes on 894 northbound from the hale up to the zoo. 14 minutes on 94 into downtown. that's a look at the morning commute, back to you. >> thank you, matt. right now, after months of discussion about the milwaukee water, the city is offering free
6:54 am
the program is focusing on families with young children and pregnant women. the city will hand out thousands of free water filters. and the health commissioner is recommending that all kids under six who live in homes built before the 1950s get tested for lead. >> turning to commitment 2016 now. later today, former congresswoman gabrielle giffords will be in our state to fight against gun violence. giffords is touring the country encouraging people to vote for representatives who will push for gun reform. milwaukee mayor tom barrett will join giffords at the event along with state legislators. it starts at 11:00 a.m. at a campaign office near 81st and >> several campaigns will make stops in wisconsin this weekend. donald trump will be in elkhorn tomorrow for the fall fest. senator ron johnson and governor scott walker will be there too. and on the clinton side, former president bill clinton will be in milwaukee tomorrow. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is in town today supporting clinton. >> new this morning, a high school in new london is getting push back for its homecoming slogan. student council members voted on the slogan make homecoming great
6:55 am
the school says it's a pop culture reference not a political statement. but some students and parents are upset, they say it's too similar to donald trump's campaign slogan. >> "ellen" is getting political today. her team created a promo for the next presidential debate with a special twist. take a look. >> donald trump has been on smack down. you can see the full video and more today on ellen starting at 4:00. then stick around for wisn 12 news at 5:00. "g.m.a." has coverage of hurricane matthew coming up next. >> a check out the new video,
6:56 am
nelson. he's in orlando and helping out. a final check on the forecast
6:57 am
6:58 am
>> good morning, thanks for joining us. looking down at the bypass. that is cleveland over the top of the freeway. 9 minutes northbound.
6:59 am
tomorrow morning they are going to reconfigure the lanes here. back to you. >> light showers are exited southern wisconsin and here is a look at florida. >> a look at the situation in florida. much of the state is dealing with heavy rains and wind. look at the storm surge. hurricane matthew is coming closer to the people to the north are preparing for destruction as well. >> turning cooler here today. grab a jacket and zip it. the temperatures in the 50s by noon and 40s over night. >> operation football okay? >> yes, layer up and bring out the gloves.
7:00 am
go. >> we have jeremy nelson in orlando. >> have a good weeken good morning, america. breaking news, hurricane matthew hits florida. the eyewall brushes the east coast right now. the deadly storm unleashes its fury overnight. with dangerous winds topping 120 miles an hour. igniting power lines. now fears of life-threatening storm surge topping 10 feet, and waves up to 25 feet high creating catastrophic damage. >> unfortunately, this will kill people. president obama declaring a state of emergency. more than 3 million people forced to flee from florida to north carolina. >> too risky to stay. >> shelters filling up. airports shutting down. thousands of flights cancelled, disney world closing its theme park for only the fourth time


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